Maailman kuvalehti

Maailman kuvalehti, published by the Finnish Development NGOs Fingo, is a magazine for global citizens. It features stories from all around the world, with a keen focus on providing background and a broader, deeper view. Although the magazine contains no end of fascinating stories and photography, the old look was somewhat unsophisticated and did not do justice to the content. To remedy this, we comprehensively revamped the look and layout. We introduced a good variety of modern typography for a contemporary character, while the simplified use of colour better complements the image-focused layout and gives the photographs the space they need. A new layout grid was introduced to facilitate the layout process. The concept for the magazine cover was also given a more multi-faceted look, as illustrations can now also be employed in addition to photos.

Type of work

Art direction
Editorial design
Visual identity


Maailman Kuvalehti editorial team



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