UPM-Kymmenen Kulttuurisäätiö

UPM-Kymmenen Kulttuurisäätiö (UPM-Kymmene Cultural Foundation) fosters knowledge of the cultural heritage of the Finnish forest industry by owning, exhibiting and supporting related art, knowledge and research. UPM-Kymmenen Kulttuurisäätiö was founded in 2006. The visual identity of the association had not been updated since then, and no longer reflected the current nature of the foundation or the goals set out in its strategy. To address these problems, we completely revamped the foundation’s visual look. Based on the guidelines we created, we designed the website and brand images to convey the themes of the foundation’s operations, such as industry, paper, the forest, and art. The still life character of the images was given a more contemporary feel using modern elements and light.

Type of work

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Visual Identity
Web Design


Web Development:

Malin Gustafsson

Photography assistant: Arttu Kokkonen

Set design: Maiju Uusi-Simola



Client said

Working with Days went great. They remained on schedule and on budget, and every concern and question we had was dealt with immediately and clearly – and the whole project itself was clear. It was the first of its kind for us, making it particularly exciting but also a bit daunting, but we were able to count on Days from the very beginning. They also communicated seamlessly with the technical developer of our website, which gave us even more peace of mind. The Teams meetings that were held were very efficient. When the idea of commissioning new brand images was suggested, Days also saw this through without a hitch. We’re extremely pleased with the outcome.

Tanja Saarto, Executive Manager

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