Ympäristötiedon foorumi

The Forum for Environmental Information provides scientific information about environmental subjects to support decision-making within the government, the parliament, and municipalities. The future and research-oriented organisation needed a new, more modern and bolder look. Anna Alanko’s detailed illustrations highlight the environments that are central for the organisation: the urban city environment, forest landscapes, soil and bodies of water. The rich illustrations are balanced by a simple and clear logo and typography. 

Type of work

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Visual Identity
Web Design

In collaboration

Anna Alanko



Client said

Days Agency created a look that perfectly reflects our organisation’s character. It shows us as the agile and responsive provider of fact-based information that we are. The collaboration with Katja and Maiju was smooth throughout the process, and we were able to engage in an active dialogue with a low threshold. They understood our needs and wishes well and were able to piece together a functional solution for us. They also gave us the courage to go for a slightly more daring visual look!

Johanna Riitakorpi, Executive director

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